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Pumpkin Carving in Pajamas

Friday, October 22, 2010

I apologize in advance for my back-to-work but lack of post's happening lately. I don't know how many of you are in the catering/food service business but for obvious reasons {Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years} 4th quarter is our busiest season ever. And we are gearing up for that now... Plus, we are open for lunches daily and now that the weather is getting colder we are getting these insane lunch rushes. I can't complain though. I love my job. I love that I'm home by 2 pm everyday and that gives me plenty of family time.

I am very excited for our upcoming weekend plans. Tonight we are putting the finishing touches on our costumes for Halloween. Every year my mom's best friend {and we all know Mom's BFF's become more like Aunts when you grow up} has a ridiculous Halloween party. Of course, in the true Halloween spirit you must come dressed for the occasion. Brian and I always get a huge kick out of picking something going on in the media and then making our costumes. It's so much fun to sit and brain storm and feed off each other's ideas. {Totally random side note: I've noticed a ton of guys this year who simply refuse to participate with their significant other's during this holiday and that makes me really thankful for Brian who isn't afraid to dress up and have some fun with me.} Saturday we are going to Riley's big 2nd birthday bash and then the kiddos are off to my grandparent's and we are off to our party with my parents. I am so excited to have a baby-free night AND get to hang with my parents... that NEVER happens.

Sunday we are going to watch The Bengal's bounce back from the lack-luster season they are having and possibly do some shopping for our family photo's we are having taken next week. Sounds like a very exciting weekend to me!

Last Sunday we got up and made some breakfast and decided to do "Pumpkin Carving in Pajamas." Kaleb loved it so much we are talking about doing it every year. Here are some photos from our outing:

First, we have to draw on it. He told us he wanted his pumpkin to be "happy!"

He wasn't sure at first... but he got over that real quick.

See? All smiles.

I guess we carved too early for Kamryn.

Teamwork :)

He wanted to clean out Kamryn's baby pumpkin by himself. He did a good job too!

That's some serious concentration.

I love that my camera has a timer :) because then I get great pics like this!
{Sorry about the just woke up look- we we're in our pajamas!}

I just thought I'd throw in this one of my whole family {even the puppies got in on this one}

I'll be sure to take tons of pictures this weekend and catch everyone up next week!

Kaleb is 2 years old.
Kamryn is 3 months, 3 days old.