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Riley Turns 2

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Thursday Riley turned 2. Yes, just 3 weeks shy of her partner-in-crime. So Saturday she had a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party. I just wanted to share some cute pictures of these 2 enjoying her special day:

Riley Faith :) Love her sooooo much!

"Kay-Kay" {as Riley calls him} celebrating with his orange balloon!

No. He doesn't.

Friday I got the chance to go birthday shopping for Riley by myself {rare, I know}. Instead of zooming through the aisles trying to keep Kaleb's hand inside the cart I got to browse the toys slowly trying to think of the perfect gift for Riley. As soon as I headed down the first aisle I realized how very different it is on the girl side of the toy store. Holy Barbies, Babies and Bottles Batman! I am so excited to shop for this stuff with Kamryn- you really forget all the neat stuff available for little girls.

I settled on a little boy baby doll (since she will have a brother arriving in a few short weeks) Yes, just a few weeks Jess! We also got her the "magic" feeding set. You know, the one where the milk/juice disappears when you tip it up. Love those and I think Riley did too. She was carrying it around before the party was over.

Kaleb lost interest from the start and was playing "tttttttttttrrrrrrractor" with Riley's great grandpa the whole time. See him driving it on the table?

Boys. You never realize how different they are until you have one of both. I'm really sad that I didn't get a picture of the amazing cake that Jess made. However, Kamryn was having a melt down during cake cutting so I was otherwise preoccupied.

Happy Birthday Riley! We have loved watching you grow into such a sweet and caring little girl. Can't wait to see what this year has in store for you!

Kaleb and Riley are both officially 2.
Kamryn is 14 weeks old today. Lane is almost 30 weeks in the belly.


Jessica Shanks said...

She didn't want to open any presents after the baby doll lol! She LOVES to magic bottles. SOOOO glad you guys could come celebrate with us, can't believe these guys are 2 already!

Anonymous said...

2 is my fav age for a girl her pussy is finally ready to be played with