1:25 PM

The Small Stuff

Monday, October 11, 2010


That is what I feel every single time I pass the front door. The first time I walked by a few days ago I couldn't help but smile to myself. Why? 4 coats, 4 hooks and 1 big happy family.

It reminds me of how FULL our cup is, even though I don't always feel that way. It reminds me that just 2 short years ago there we're only 2 coats hanging on that rack... and without God it would probably still be that way today.

And I just cannot imagine my life without my wonderful children or my amazing better half.

So I am thankful each time I pass my coat rack being reminded every time of how VERY MUCH we already have been blessed with... and gives me HOPE for all that is to come.

Kaleb is 2 years old and counting.
Kamryn is 2 months, 3 weeks & 1 day old.