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I Survived

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What an insane past 10 days I’ve had. Seriously, insane.

1 Baby Sprinkle, 1 Birthday, 1 hair appointment, 2 cakes from the bottom up, a ridiculous amount of catered food, 4 doctor visits, 1 ear infection, 5 unexplained fevers, 1 long day of testing for 2 members of the family, 3 prescription medications filled at different times, an insane amount of gas and 6 trips to the grocery store later, I survived… but just barely.

I already had a packed schedule. I knew the month of November began a kick-off to our holiday season that was going to leave me begging for a warm bath and glass of wine. I knew my sweet sister was turning 22, I was hosting a baby sprinkle for Jess & Lane, and helping make cakes & food for both events. Thankfully, my amazing friend, Dani was able to get me in to fix my dark-brown mess back to blonde, just in time.

Then the chaos erupted. Kaleb woke up with a fever last Saturday morning and since I couldn’t get into his doctor we rushed off to urgent care and I had his antibiotic in him by noon. I was feeling over-confident at this point, thinking, “Yeah, I caught you ear infection before Kaleb even noticed and ear infections aren’t contagious so double awesome!” That night Kamryn got her first fever ever … that’s where my memory becomes fuzzy because I switched into auto pilot sleeping about 5 and half hours each night . And if you were wondering if I’m one of those people who can function on no sleep, the answer is yes (although before this week, I would’ve said no).

The mere fact that I kept my house standing after the past 10 days deserves an award in itself. I did it with a massive sinus cold/sore throat/chest congestion simply treating my symptoms with over-the-counter medications as needed. I was at the pharmacy so much between my OTC stuff & the kids scripts that my pharmacist, Bob, and I are on a first name basis.

But my kids didn’t get my sickies (a special thank you to the Clorox wipes & Lysol spray), everyone is on the mend, the parties went great, I never missed a day of work and I’m looking forward to the rest of this holiday season.

I have a few blogs in the works about some of the more detailed events of the past 10 days so look for them this week!

Kaleb is almost 2 and ¼ years. Kamryn is 3 months, 4 weeks and days shy of 4 months.


trina said...

I have had the same kind of fall. Sooo busy.

I LOVE their costumes!! Oh my they are soooo cute. Beautiful children!!

Jessica Shanks said...

Don't forget Chuckee Cheese! It was most def. a crazy weekend for sure! Thanks so much again for the sprinkle!

Jin said...
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