2:01 PM

I'm Back... Again

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to sit down and do another blog entry. My life has seriously been in over-drive the past few weeks and I'm so ready for a slow down. Every night before we go to bed Brian and I are making "game plans" for the next day instead of just following our normal routine. It really stinks, I'm tired, and I'm so ready for the Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday break that is Thanksgiving.

I had some really awesome holiday portraits to share with everyone we got done of the kiddos. However, JC Penney, has now changed their policy and I cannot save the pictures anywhere on my computer to show you. They want me to send everyone a link so you can edit or purchase pictures of my kids. Um.... not an option. So not only will we not be returning to that studio... my readers will have to wait for me to pick the pictures up and scan them in the ol' fashioned way. Sorry, I know your bummed. Me too. But I do have some adorable kid pictures to brighten your day right before the Holiday weekend.

I mean, everyone loves adorable babies :)

So the term "wrapped" takes on a whole new meaning with Daddy's little girl.

 Saturday Morning I found them like this.

It's okay if you want to nom-nom-nom her cheeks.

Snuggle Buddies! 

Kaleb can finally use the head-phone to watch the in-car DVD player
{Translation: No more Mickey Mouse playing 24/7! Yay!}
**The glasses we're his touch, of course, my cool kid always.**

My happy, happy 4 month old! Yikes.

Kaleb is 2 and some change
Kamryn is 4 months (gasp!)