10:40 PM

It's a Wrap

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well, my Christmas is ready... for my children that is. Brian and I spent a very productive, baby-free Monday picking up our gifts and wrapping everything together. Here are a few of the things under our tree this year:

Mike the Mower {He is going to love this!}

I'm surprised he doesn't already have these but he is crazy about the wooden blocks he has, so I'm excited to see his face when he gets these:

And his love for everything cars & trucks coupled with Mickey Mouse? And a Toy Story shaving kit. Daddy's side kick is going to be thrilled!

And some of Kamryn's stuff:

Oh and we cannot forget the tools set:

So we set off with almost 20 gifts to wrap, sheesh. B was, of course, amazing. 

And after 1 quick tutorial on wrapping, Brian's creative side came out. See.............?

And I just happened to have talked to Santa today and he let me in on these 2 secrets:

A Police Cozy Coupe {He will FREAK out}

And a Sophie the Giraffe for Miss Thang...

And I happen to have heard that their winter wardrobes will be stacked thanks to:

And now that they have been sent and have started to arrive at their destinations, I believe it's okay to post these WONDERFUL cards I got from Shutterfly:

Rejoice Lord King Religious Christmas 5x7 folded card
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I love the inside. It has a few of those Christmas pictures I was telling you about a while ago. I am so excited to celebrate with my family and friends this year. Last year was a tough year for us and we are over-joyed and claiming God's presence in our lives as the reason we are so blessed this year. 

Just 3 days to Christmas...!