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Kaleb Updates

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kaleb... where to begin? The kid learns something every single day. He is talking up a storm describing everything he see's asking, "what's this?" all the time. He gets out of bed every morning and when he comes out he always says,...."Morning Mom" really nonchalant, like he is just casually strolling through. He climbs up onto the couch and cuddles up with a blanket for a few morning cartoons. He needs a few minutes to wake up every morning before carrying on with his normal breakfast/vitamin/brush/dressed  routine.

When he wants a glass of juice, water or milk he will carry his cup and the actual jug up to you and asks, "Drink Mommy, please, Mmmm shank you." He can carry on full conversations, actually making plans with my mom once before I knew anything about it. Little stinker. He is into a few movies right now: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, Mickey Mouse & Tigger/Pooh. He's starting to play along with his Mickey movies yelling out colors, singing along and asking for Toodles. He usually watches a movie while I'm doing dinner each night and it helps him calm down and unwind. Sometimes he even asks for, "Popcorn Peeese!"

The kid is insanely curious... almost dangerous. He can open any door, climb in cribs, dressers, toilets, closets & dryers with ease. Several times he has gotten into the pantry or refrigerator and taken something into his room without our knowledge... oh, the messes I have cleaned up in the last 2 weeks. I almost caught the kitchen on fire because I failed to check inside the toaster before using it. Nice..... I need to look into safety locks pronto.

He loves to play trucks, tools, blocks, read, color, play playdoh, shoot baskets, toss ball and drag huge plastic laundry totes from room to room with random toys in it. I couldn't resist snapping a picture when he was using his "Pat" so realistically:

And doesn't he look so old here? Like he's ready for school :(

Oh and talk about extreme? The kid has no temperature gauge. We've had 3 accumulating snow falls in the last  2 weeks here in Cincinnati and Kaleb has taken full advantage of playing outside in this weather. This was the first snowfall at my parent's: 

Once we figured out what a nut he was for the snow he got an early Christmas present from my parents. Full snow gear from head to toe!:

Brian and Kaleb played in the snow for HOURS! Finally B dragged Kaleb in, kicking and screaming, promising to take him out again the next morning. The next morning Kaleb was asking for "Snow! Snowmen! Snow Annnngels!" bright and early. Brian's only comment was, "I have been waiting 2 long years for him to be ready to really play. This is AWESOME!" And off they went...

 He is now attempting to sing songs too, "Tinnnnnnnnklllee, Tinkkkkle Star, I wonderrrrrrr,  Up derrrrreeee, Diamonddddddd skkkkkyyyy!"  He has the sweetest attitude constantly asking Peeease, Thank you and Welcome. He asks for "Mommy Kiss.... Oh and hugs too!" He does that all day. He'll kiss Kamryn then tell me, "Mommy kiss her, Daddy kiss her..." until we've all taken our turn. My little love spreader :)

He is getting better and better at counting. When he's with my mom they go over it with him and we do the same, now I'll catch him counting his trucks, blocks and dinosaurs when he thinks we're not paying attention. He has memorized pages out of our favorite books and when we are reading he will do those pages. He loves  saying, "I did it! I read it!" We are still struggling on colors but he has correctly identified a few green things this week correctly, on the first try. Trust me, that's progress.

Christmas is going to ROCK for this little man in just a few short days.

And he will be exactly 2 1/4 on Christmas Day.
Kamryn is days shy of 5 months.