8:06 AM

Weekend Recap

Monday December 20, 2010

We had a great last weekend before the gigantic Christmas weekend coming up. We have a few last minute Christmas gifts to get together, some baking to do, a little crafting and a TON of wrapping. Good thing I have the entire week off to accomplish all of that... and since we have MORE snow coming in tonight B & I are headed out today (minus the kids & holiday rush) to finish up. 

After hearing for 5 months how Kami is "Soooo like her Father!" 
I just want to point out, she looks like me too :)

See? Like her Mama.... Thank you.

 I guess it doesn't matter... because she's so stinkin' adorable on her own!

And her obsession with hand hold has only gotten worse... 

But we did get in some quality crafting time this weekend
(Kamryn looks less than interested, I think she nodded off right after this pic)

I am really looking forward to the pre-Christmas festivities this week! 

Kaleb is 2 and some change.
Kamryn turned 5 months YESTERDAY!

{Random Side Note: Today is my 1/2 Birthday... I have no idea WHY I always notice this day but it's time to start counting DOWN to my next birthday. And exactly 10 years ago TODAY I was taking my driving test to get my Temps. Where in the heck did the time go?!}