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Kaleb's Day Out

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back in January we decided that even though Kaleb hates being seperated from his shadow sister it was important to do something fun with just him each month. In February we ordered pizza, stocked up on popcorn & ice cream and rented a few movies. We dragged his mattress into the living room and had an amazing night. The kid has an uncanny ability to keep his eyes open way past his bedtime.

This month we decided to take a trip down to the Cincinnati Museum Center. The last time B & I ventured down there I was just barely pregnant with Kaleb:

We had such a blast that we thought our little monkey would enjoy it too. The museum has a couple of different sections, including an amazing children's set up.

A gigantic tree house :) his favorite!

Climbing, Climbing, more Climbing

Yeah, B followed him everywhere. Thank God the man is in shape.

He kept clogging the tube pretending his left hand was stuck.
Not funny!

Building Blocks 

Riding the fake Metro with Mommy!

Paying for his groceries... yes that's all meat. Boys.

I'm going to show him this when he 
doesn't want to help B in the yard when he's older.

He kept saying, "Playin like George Mom!"
(as in Curious George, his favorite episode)

After hanging out in the Children's Museum all morning we decided to take a bathroom & lunch break. Can I please say how thankful I am that I didn't even have to ask B to take Kaleb? He scooped him up, headed to the bathroom for a diaper change & met me back in the lobby for lunch. Apparently our gigantic toddler exceeded the weight limit for the changer so B had to hold it up with his leg... the entire time Kaleb saying, "I going to fall Dad. Help! Help!" 

We decided to venture into the adult sections of the museum after lunch and although it wasn't as "hands on" Kaleb enjoyed it just as much.

DINOSAURS! (We hung out here forever!) 

Pretend riding on of the old street cars

My boys :) I love them.

We made a quick stop in the gift shop before we left...

... and we ended up walking away with Sid & Buck from Ice Age.
His favorite!

It was such a fun day, we'll have to do it again this year. They have so much more to see & do. We didn't even begin to get into all the different areas.

And no, he didn't fall asleep on the way home like every other child in America. What do you have to do to wear a kid out these days?

And just for kicks... I took this picture of Kamryn yesterday.

Yep, she's becoming a very green-eyed girl. Who would've guessed that?!

... More updates soon!

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Doesn't it just seem that way? That life is one big transition? You learn to live with your partner and get used to it, add a baby to the mix, maybe a new job, a few moves, oh what's that? Life isn't crazy enough, yes let's add just one more baby and off you go...

When we sat down in late 2010 and had the "talk" about setting goals & figuring out a plan to help build a better future for our family we knew that it would take work... so that's what we've been doing for the last 2 months I've been absent from my blog. Figuring out schedules, student forms/aide/registration, doctor visits (but thankfully for no sickies!), working, house rearranging... It's been go-go-go constantly.

Sure, I have time to myself in the evening to blog but no computer access. I'm still waiting on a decent application for my phone to blog from- but they ALL suck right now. I have time at work with the computer, but no time to sit and bang out an entry. Thankfully, we have to make a computer purchase for B to be able to do his school work (Finally a valid excuse!) so if I can hold out a little while longer... then my blog will be up and running again.

And just to keep you hanging out waiting... how about some updated pictures of the kids? And our sweet baby Kamryn is already crawling, talking up a storm, sitting up, eating food... how did that happen? And Kaleb can identify all of his letters, shapes, colors & count to 20... and still growing like a weed!

:: le sigh::

Big girl :)

Still the BEST sleeper. Ever.

Our version of a double stroller.
This only works if 1 or more of your children are part monkey.

Kaleb has started to dress himself and he has excellent style as you can see :)

More Updates to come...

Kaleb is 2 years, 5 months, 2 weeks & 3 days old.
Kamryn is 7 months, 3 weeks, 2 days old.

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Love & Prayers

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kaleb climbed up the back of the chair to see his sister...

And imagine my surprise when he bent down and gave her a sweet kiss:

He is SUCH a sweet boy. I'm so glad I didn't make him get down {which was my first instinct, since I was cooking at the time} because I would've missed this incredibly sweet moment between my kids. 

I'm still in awe of how they are together. He always gets an immediate response from her whenever he is near and when he actually talks to her or kisses her or pats her back or rubs her head and says, "Good Boy Sis!" it's like her whole entire day has been made right. How can a 2 year old have such an impact on a 5 month old? 

Because God is so good.

Please take a moment and say a few prayers for these people:

All those killed in the Arizona shooting this week. I have stopped countless times to see the news covering the youngest victim of this tragedy, just 9 years old, and it makes me sob every single time. Please pray for those family & friends touched so close to home my this senseless act of violence.

 My Aunt's Aunt Connie, who always treated us more like her nieces, was taken to the ER this past weekend.  She has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Please pray for Aunt Connie & her family. She is undergoing surgery to try and remove the tumor soon so some prayers for that would be great too.

And although I heard about this tragedy a few days ago I cannot seem to stop thinking of this family and how much they need our prayers right now. Brie was a young mother of 2 girls and pregnant with a boy when she was killed the day after Christmas in a car accident. Please pray for her baby boy, Curran, who they we're able to deliver but is in critical condition. This family needs extra prayers please.

{And Side Note: Kamryn's FIRST tooth has broken the surface. Kaleb didn't get his first until about 7 months... so she's a good 2 months ahead of her brother. Maybe NOW I can get her to eat some solid food? Just maybe? }

Kaleb is 2 years, 3 months, 2 weeks & 3 days.
Kamryn is 5 months, 3 weeks & 2 days old.

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He's Here!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lane Christopher 
January 7, 2011
7 lbs 12 ounces
19.5 inches long

Both Jess & Lane are doing wonderful. She delivered almost exactly 12 hours after checking into the hospital. Both Kaleb & Riley chanted, "Baby Lane! Baby Lane!" all night, so I'm guessing they are pretty excited to meet the new little man in all of our lives.

And all three of them are doing wonderful...and having a blast.

Kaleb & Riley are 2 1/4.
Kamryn & Lane are both officially outside babies: 5 months, 2 weeks & 5 days apart.

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Miss Independent

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I have  few long, detailed post's I'm working on... but just for fun...

Kamryn is developing her own strong and fiercely independent personality which includes an amazing ability to self soothe. Normally, she'll drift off with a pacifier and lately she's lost it before drifting off {because YES we do just lay her in her bed and let her do the work, VERY PROUD OF ME on that one!} And since she can't always find that paci....

Our little thumb sucker, Oh no! She takes the edge of her blanket and rubs it on her cheek while she sucks on her thumb and drifts off to sleep. Look how peaceful... sigh... I know I'll probably regret it later but for now it's the sweetest thing ever.

She also took big strides this weekend when I left her bottle next to her and ran off to check on Kaleb (who was being suspiciously quiet) and come back to this...

She even mastered turning her head while eating. I haven't let her try it again because it's my job and I'm not sharing. I love feeding her and rocking her and loving on her.... and I'm not giving that up.

And she still loves her big brother sooooo much....

She is just much smarter about it these days... hahaha.... sucker!

And surprisingly, Kaleb always laughs. He thinks the hair-pulling is hilarious.

For now, at least. 


And since we are in January that mean's Jessica's due date is looming around the corner (the 9th). She went 2 weeks early with Riley so I know she's frustrated about her lack of an outside baby yet. But, hey, boys are extra stubborn. They are inducing her Friday morning at 4 am... so Lane will be here this weekend!

And that mean's Kaleb and Riley will have their 1st Weekend Sleepover because she's coming here while her  parents Mama has that baby. {Sorry Brian, you know it's all Jess!} So everyone please take some time and say some prayers for a quick & easy delivery for Jess & Lane.  

Kaleb is 2 1/4.
Kamryn is right between 5-6 months.

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Happy New Year

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011, sheesh, where does the time go? Brian and I decided to spend a quiet New Years Eve at home this year. And surprisingly, it wasn't a very hard decision at all. Kaleb was on night #2 at my grandma's house having been spending ALL his time with "Don", my grandpa. They tried to let him see the ball drop but my grandma said grandpa and Kaleb both fell asleep about 11:15 p.m. They must have been tired because Kaleb has an unnatural ability to fight sleep like no other toddler I have ever seen. 

B ran out that evening and came back with Red Lobster take-out for dinner. Oh my gosh, yummy. Little Miss was at home with us, but she was lights out about 8:30 and our little sleep-champ didn't stir until the next morning. So it was just the 2 of us, surprisingly quiet around here, we settled in and watched some movies in our pajamas. We had the best time:

We grabbed Kaleb's Toy Story comforter to snuggle up with, we missed him so much.

B made a stop for some delicious white wine, he did great.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed their evenings. I have so many goals and plans for this year... and I am looking forward to each and every one of them. I love this time of year being ridiculously type A personality. There hasn't ever been a year I can remember not putting detailed goals to paper and this year I might have gone slightly overboard.... But that's a post in itself.

Kaleb will be 3 in 2011.
Kamryn will celebrate the Big 1. 
{And again I forgot and I'm reminded her birthday will always fall with the year, I love that}

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Merry Christmas: Part II

Sunday, January 2, 2011 {Happy New Year Everyone!}

Saturday, December 25, 2010

{side-eyes alarm clock.... 8:26 am}
8:26 AM? How in the world can it be past 8? The sun is up, Christmas morning, my house is quiet and peaceful.  I throw my leg over Brian, say a quick prayer and slip back to sleep wondering what the heck is taking my kids so long. Don't they know it's Christmas!?

I open my eyes an hour later to B whispering "Merry Christmas" in my ear (we have a baby in the room remember? I don't think we've talked in a normal tone in our room since July). We get up, check on our STILL sleeping babies and grab our respective choices for morning caffeine. After another half hour of chatting and checking email and prepping some delicious cinnamon rolls... still no kids up.

At this point B is becoming slightly annoying with his constant stream of, "Can I wake Kaleb? Can I wake Kaleb?" When I turn to tell him, "No!" for the 100th time, Kamryn stirs. I'm not sure if she was awake but B ran back so fast I didn't have time to object. We did our morning routine washing her face, applying lotion (dang you winter weather!), swapping pajamas (because both of my kids sweat when they sleep) and eating her morning bottle. Right when she burps we hear Kaleb's tiny feet scamper across the kitchen floor.

We both jump up quickly than I thought we could move shouting, "Hurry! Hurry! Run, Santa CAME! Hurry Hurry Hurry!" We didn't worry about grabbing the camera...so lost in the moment but I can show you EXACTLY what his face looked like...

This was later that morning at my mom's... and this time I had time to prepare. Of course, Santa came to Muck's for him too. He must have been a good boy.

He dug into the few displayed presents with eye boogies still fresh, rubbing his puffy eyes, staggering having not yet gained his balance completely. And the entire time I felt as though my face just might have cracked from the joy I was feeling, permanent grin plastered on my face stealing quick glances at B, watching his face mimic mine. 

We let him check out those unwrapped gifts, marveling at each one, appreciating each toy screaming out it's name, "BLOCKS MOM!!! BLOCKS!!" We scoop him quickly, changing  his diaper and throwing on his pajamas. {Yeah, he refuses to sleep in anything but a diaper and sometimes a t-shirt, but forget pajamas.  He wants nothing to do with sleeping in them.} And then it was back to the opening...

{He even opened her gifts, she didn't seem to mind}

{He was really getting the hang of it, see that paper flying?}


And about an hour later, Kaleb wouldn't acknowledge our presence, for he was so deep in new toys he couldn't stop for even a second.

So we headed into the kitchen to pop those previously mentioned cinnamon rolls into the oven, relaxed and enjoyed watching Kaleb & Kamryn enjoy all those new toys.

Around lunch we headed over to my Mom's to open gifts, have brunch and enjoy some family time {in our pajamas, of course}. 

Mimosa's {Yummmmmy!}

My WONDERFUL parents. Love them.

They had gifts lining the entire basement {with Kaleb having more gifts than O & I combined ha!}

We, of course, had to shop for our Suede & Satin.

They are also good gift openers, looks like Kaleb was picking up some techniques.

Sophie is the BEST $20.00 chew toy, ever.

Opening :)

His Auntie O always ROCKS in the gift department.

We left my parent's that afternoon completely exhausted, gave the babies a nap and headed over to my real dad's side of the family. My camera batteries died and we didn't stop for more. My dad is 1 of 5 and I've lost count of all the cousins, step families and marriages {and forget about Brian even being able to remember anyone's names}. He generally makes a straight path to my cousin who lives in Georgia bonding over their year long stories of hunting, fishing and everything southern. Their are so many people and kids that I often lose B for hours sometimes, chatting and catching up and showing off my sweet babies.

We got home that night around 11:30, tucked into bed, and we all slept past 10 am the next morning. It was such a wonderful, overwhelmingly happy Christmas. You just haven't LIVED until you've had a Christmas witnessing the innocence, joy, and indescribable happiness that comes with having children.

We are so very blessed.