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Merry Christmas: Part II

Sunday, January 2, 2011 {Happy New Year Everyone!}

Saturday, December 25, 2010

{side-eyes alarm clock.... 8:26 am}
8:26 AM? How in the world can it be past 8? The sun is up, Christmas morning, my house is quiet and peaceful.  I throw my leg over Brian, say a quick prayer and slip back to sleep wondering what the heck is taking my kids so long. Don't they know it's Christmas!?

I open my eyes an hour later to B whispering "Merry Christmas" in my ear (we have a baby in the room remember? I don't think we've talked in a normal tone in our room since July). We get up, check on our STILL sleeping babies and grab our respective choices for morning caffeine. After another half hour of chatting and checking email and prepping some delicious cinnamon rolls... still no kids up.

At this point B is becoming slightly annoying with his constant stream of, "Can I wake Kaleb? Can I wake Kaleb?" When I turn to tell him, "No!" for the 100th time, Kamryn stirs. I'm not sure if she was awake but B ran back so fast I didn't have time to object. We did our morning routine washing her face, applying lotion (dang you winter weather!), swapping pajamas (because both of my kids sweat when they sleep) and eating her morning bottle. Right when she burps we hear Kaleb's tiny feet scamper across the kitchen floor.

We both jump up quickly than I thought we could move shouting, "Hurry! Hurry! Run, Santa CAME! Hurry Hurry Hurry!" We didn't worry about grabbing the camera...so lost in the moment but I can show you EXACTLY what his face looked like...

This was later that morning at my mom's... and this time I had time to prepare. Of course, Santa came to Muck's for him too. He must have been a good boy.

He dug into the few displayed presents with eye boogies still fresh, rubbing his puffy eyes, staggering having not yet gained his balance completely. And the entire time I felt as though my face just might have cracked from the joy I was feeling, permanent grin plastered on my face stealing quick glances at B, watching his face mimic mine. 

We let him check out those unwrapped gifts, marveling at each one, appreciating each toy screaming out it's name, "BLOCKS MOM!!! BLOCKS!!" We scoop him quickly, changing  his diaper and throwing on his pajamas. {Yeah, he refuses to sleep in anything but a diaper and sometimes a t-shirt, but forget pajamas.  He wants nothing to do with sleeping in them.} And then it was back to the opening...

{He even opened her gifts, she didn't seem to mind}

{He was really getting the hang of it, see that paper flying?}


And about an hour later, Kaleb wouldn't acknowledge our presence, for he was so deep in new toys he couldn't stop for even a second.

So we headed into the kitchen to pop those previously mentioned cinnamon rolls into the oven, relaxed and enjoyed watching Kaleb & Kamryn enjoy all those new toys.

Around lunch we headed over to my Mom's to open gifts, have brunch and enjoy some family time {in our pajamas, of course}. 

Mimosa's {Yummmmmy!}

My WONDERFUL parents. Love them.

They had gifts lining the entire basement {with Kaleb having more gifts than O & I combined ha!}

We, of course, had to shop for our Suede & Satin.

They are also good gift openers, looks like Kaleb was picking up some techniques.

Sophie is the BEST $20.00 chew toy, ever.

Opening :)

His Auntie O always ROCKS in the gift department.

We left my parent's that afternoon completely exhausted, gave the babies a nap and headed over to my real dad's side of the family. My camera batteries died and we didn't stop for more. My dad is 1 of 5 and I've lost count of all the cousins, step families and marriages {and forget about Brian even being able to remember anyone's names}. He generally makes a straight path to my cousin who lives in Georgia bonding over their year long stories of hunting, fishing and everything southern. Their are so many people and kids that I often lose B for hours sometimes, chatting and catching up and showing off my sweet babies.

We got home that night around 11:30, tucked into bed, and we all slept past 10 am the next morning. It was such a wonderful, overwhelmingly happy Christmas. You just haven't LIVED until you've had a Christmas witnessing the innocence, joy, and indescribable happiness that comes with having children.

We are so very blessed.


trina said...

I love these pictures! Your babies are beautiful beyond words. Those eyelashes, oh my! I'm getting ready to finally post my Christmas pics,too.