9:49 AM

Miss Independent

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I have  few long, detailed post's I'm working on... but just for fun...

Kamryn is developing her own strong and fiercely independent personality which includes an amazing ability to self soothe. Normally, she'll drift off with a pacifier and lately she's lost it before drifting off {because YES we do just lay her in her bed and let her do the work, VERY PROUD OF ME on that one!} And since she can't always find that paci....

Our little thumb sucker, Oh no! She takes the edge of her blanket and rubs it on her cheek while she sucks on her thumb and drifts off to sleep. Look how peaceful... sigh... I know I'll probably regret it later but for now it's the sweetest thing ever.

She also took big strides this weekend when I left her bottle next to her and ran off to check on Kaleb (who was being suspiciously quiet) and come back to this...

She even mastered turning her head while eating. I haven't let her try it again because it's my job and I'm not sharing. I love feeding her and rocking her and loving on her.... and I'm not giving that up.

And she still loves her big brother sooooo much....

She is just much smarter about it these days... hahaha.... sucker!

And surprisingly, Kaleb always laughs. He thinks the hair-pulling is hilarious.

For now, at least. 


And since we are in January that mean's Jessica's due date is looming around the corner (the 9th). She went 2 weeks early with Riley so I know she's frustrated about her lack of an outside baby yet. But, hey, boys are extra stubborn. They are inducing her Friday morning at 4 am... so Lane will be here this weekend!

And that mean's Kaleb and Riley will have their 1st Weekend Sleepover because she's coming here while her  parents Mama has that baby. {Sorry Brian, you know it's all Jess!} So everyone please take some time and say some prayers for a quick & easy delivery for Jess & Lane.  

Kaleb is 2 1/4.
Kamryn is right between 5-6 months.