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Kaleb's Day Out

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back in January we decided that even though Kaleb hates being seperated from his shadow sister it was important to do something fun with just him each month. In February we ordered pizza, stocked up on popcorn & ice cream and rented a few movies. We dragged his mattress into the living room and had an amazing night. The kid has an uncanny ability to keep his eyes open way past his bedtime.

This month we decided to take a trip down to the Cincinnati Museum Center. The last time B & I ventured down there I was just barely pregnant with Kaleb:

We had such a blast that we thought our little monkey would enjoy it too. The museum has a couple of different sections, including an amazing children's set up.

A gigantic tree house :) his favorite!

Climbing, Climbing, more Climbing

Yeah, B followed him everywhere. Thank God the man is in shape.

He kept clogging the tube pretending his left hand was stuck.
Not funny!

Building Blocks 

Riding the fake Metro with Mommy!

Paying for his groceries... yes that's all meat. Boys.

I'm going to show him this when he 
doesn't want to help B in the yard when he's older.

He kept saying, "Playin like George Mom!"
(as in Curious George, his favorite episode)

After hanging out in the Children's Museum all morning we decided to take a bathroom & lunch break. Can I please say how thankful I am that I didn't even have to ask B to take Kaleb? He scooped him up, headed to the bathroom for a diaper change & met me back in the lobby for lunch. Apparently our gigantic toddler exceeded the weight limit for the changer so B had to hold it up with his leg... the entire time Kaleb saying, "I going to fall Dad. Help! Help!" 

We decided to venture into the adult sections of the museum after lunch and although it wasn't as "hands on" Kaleb enjoyed it just as much.

DINOSAURS! (We hung out here forever!) 

Pretend riding on of the old street cars

My boys :) I love them.

We made a quick stop in the gift shop before we left...

... and we ended up walking away with Sid & Buck from Ice Age.
His favorite!

It was such a fun day, we'll have to do it again this year. They have so much more to see & do. We didn't even begin to get into all the different areas.

And no, he didn't fall asleep on the way home like every other child in America. What do you have to do to wear a kid out these days?

And just for kicks... I took this picture of Kamryn yesterday.

Yep, she's becoming a very green-eyed girl. Who would've guessed that?!

... More updates soon!

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Doesn't it just seem that way? That life is one big transition? You learn to live with your partner and get used to it, add a baby to the mix, maybe a new job, a few moves, oh what's that? Life isn't crazy enough, yes let's add just one more baby and off you go...

When we sat down in late 2010 and had the "talk" about setting goals & figuring out a plan to help build a better future for our family we knew that it would take work... so that's what we've been doing for the last 2 months I've been absent from my blog. Figuring out schedules, student forms/aide/registration, doctor visits (but thankfully for no sickies!), working, house rearranging... It's been go-go-go constantly.

Sure, I have time to myself in the evening to blog but no computer access. I'm still waiting on a decent application for my phone to blog from- but they ALL suck right now. I have time at work with the computer, but no time to sit and bang out an entry. Thankfully, we have to make a computer purchase for B to be able to do his school work (Finally a valid excuse!) so if I can hold out a little while longer... then my blog will be up and running again.

And just to keep you hanging out waiting... how about some updated pictures of the kids? And our sweet baby Kamryn is already crawling, talking up a storm, sitting up, eating food... how did that happen? And Kaleb can identify all of his letters, shapes, colors & count to 20... and still growing like a weed!

:: le sigh::

Big girl :)

Still the BEST sleeper. Ever.

Our version of a double stroller.
This only works if 1 or more of your children are part monkey.

Kaleb has started to dress himself and he has excellent style as you can see :)

More Updates to come...

Kaleb is 2 years, 5 months, 2 weeks & 3 days old.
Kamryn is 7 months, 3 weeks, 2 days old.